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Year Older

December 25th 2012 23:04
Most people would argue that if they knew now, what they didn't know then, blah blah blah would have happened instead. Well we are all a year older and many things have come about in the past year.

Here is what a difference a year makes!

I hate to admit it, but I still don't know many of these year end knowledge builders.


NRA Hypocrasy Rubs Off!

December 25th 2012 22:24
We all know how much heat Wayne LaPierre, NRA CEO, is getting from his 'armed guards in schools' statement. That was the shot that was heard around the world, with Israel chiming in. NBC host David Gregory relentlessly took shots at LaPierre for his statements.

Well maybe the glass house dwellers should be selective when it comes to throwing stones. If you have a problem with armed guards in schools, maybe you shouldn't send your kids to a high security school!

Otherwise you just look like a total hypocrite!!!

This Bud's Not Fou You!

December 18th 2012 22:42
The 106 year beer battle goes on. It's all over the rights of a name. The name id Bud, Budweiser. Budvar from the Czech Republic has been brewing Budweiser in Europe. AB InBev that currently owns Budweiser in the US has had its latest proposal refused.

This means that Budweiser USA is still Bud in Europe. And Budweiser Europe is Czechvar in the USA.

Now for my opinion. In a nutshell, the Budvar beer is a superior quality, while AB InBev is a mass produce joe-six-pack type beer.

So let's find out who is the better Budweiser. Judge for yourself.




The Odds Get Even

December 12th 2012 21:49
I've been waiting for this since 1999. Shunned from the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, the time has come for what I believe are the greatest artists on earth to get their day in the sun. RUSH is finally about to be inducted, along with my other colossal favorite, Heart!

Truth be known, Rush has been snubbed from the HoF by its giant organizers, MTV, VH1, and Rolling Stone magazine. I've been following it all along, from a call to boycott Rolling Stone magazine to an online petition, to just ignoring it all together

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Or Maybe He Did

November 21st 2012 21:50
Yesterday I wrote this about a seriual killer who may have Nicole Simpson and Ron Goldman. Well what a difference a day makes as a firestorm erupts that the story may be bogus or that OJ was involved by hiring the killer to retrieve a ring.

The Goldmans and Furman, the one who investigated the Simpson case, are convinced that OJ Simpson is the killer.

Maybe He Didn't Do It

November 20th 2012 21:36
OJ Simpson was aquitted of killing his wife and her friend back in 1994. The Trial of the Century would divide a nation as to whether he did kill his ex-wife Nicole and Ron Goldman. Many laughed him off as he proclaimed that he would search for the real killer.

Well maybe he really was innocent. A new documentary claims that a serial killer may have been involved. This from a criminal profiler who shows that Glen Rogers' paintings may suggest involvement.

Turkey Terrorist

November 18th 2012 19:19
We are being told about how costly it would be if terrorists attack our national power grid. It would be costly in both finance and lives.

Now just in time for Thanksgiving, a suicidal turkey knocks out the power for 1500 people. I wonder if anybody thought it was a terrorist attack

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End of Era

November 17th 2012 19:02
In case you didn't hear, Hostess is going out of business. Hostess makes Twinkies, which will soon be extinct along with other sweets. As always you have management blaming unions. Of course on the flip side, unions are accusing the leadership of getting hefty raises while the company faced bankruptcy.

My guess is that people are buying and consuming less Hostess products as we make healthier choices. If you hurry and buy the products, you might be able to make a profit on eBay
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Blogging For Money

November 9th 2012 16:14
If blogging is your thing, who hasn't dreamt of making money writing? Now most writers try to find a niche in the world of writing and possibly earn a profit. Over the years I have read books and articles about improving your writing skills and making a profit.

Here's how to blog for dollars. The real information is at the 11 Blogging Tips on the author's blog.

Sleepless In America

November 3rd 2012 21:48
A problem that seems to be on the rise in America are the cases of those who can't sleep. Insomnia is on the rise in America. Prescriptions for sleep aids are on the rise. Many people actually seem to become tolerant of even high doses.

We can come up with many theories as to why we are becoming a society that lacks sleep. May be due to stress and worry, could be due to work shift or shift change, or any number of things. I have stated elsewhere of my sleepless problem. It seems that as the cooler weather set in, sleeping became a bit easier for me

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